My name is Adriana, I'm married and live in Sumaré; - SP (Brasil).


I have learned to like cards and how to make them when I was a teenager, living in São José dos Campos, a city in São Paulo State. While I was waiting for a Piano class test, I saw a friend making her Marriage Invitation Cards using Parchment Technique (She has done very beautiful Parchment Cards). I fell in love Card Crafts!



Since there, I am looking for more information - in the beginning, doing some Parchment Cards courses in the Town Library and in some schools. After some years, already living back in São Paulo, I found a Brazilian Crafts Group in Net and then, Teabag Folding, and others: Iris Folding, Quilling, Punch Cards and Embroidery Cards...

In these groups, I found great friends, that were as Teachers for me (Brazilians and non-Brazilians).

For these 'Masters' (as I affectionatelly call), but mainly, MY FRIENDS, many Thanks! This dream (the AWCards and this WebSite) was born thanks to you!


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